Steve Memering is known for his decades of quality fine art painting. He is famous for his Sacramento iconic landmarks and glowing twilight cityscapes, riverscapes and landscapes, as well as more worldly subjects, abstracts, surreal, impressionistic, and various other impressive forms of art. He travels the world over and paints his impressions on canvas. The results are impressive. He paints places as one's mind and heart might remember them, not as a camera would. The result is what he calls "fantasy realism".

The dramatic play of light and dark has become a persistent theme in his work along with bold, emotion-based color schemes to create interpretable layers within his compositions. Uncomfortable with photographic realism, Steve prefers to “interpret”, rather than “report”, a subject. “I paint what I remember; not what I see” Steve explains. “I try to edit out everything not essential and get to what is really there.” He finds conventional photographic realism mundane and misleading. “What a camera records is not what I see.”